Building your public profile is hugely important for every driver. Standing out from the crowd and growing your following helps to generate a higher profile, get media coverage and attract more sponsors.

Video is the most effective tool you can use to grow your profile, getting 75% more engagement (likes, comments and shares) on social media than text and photos alone.

Creating that video content is where Video Sherpa can help, giving you a simple way to create your own, high quality original video content.

This award-winning video production platform helps you film, edit and publish all your own videos, with an in-built content management system so you can easily store & repurpose your footage, collaborate with colleagues and keep everything on one, cloud-based dashboard.

No experience necessary - we provide all the tools, software and training so you can focus on the story.

Video Sherpa is ideal for teams who want to prioritise video marketing to grow their brand and their following by creating their own video content in-house.

Main Benefits

*Step-By-Step Filming App – guarantees you great footage every time.

*User friendly edit suite – quickly edit your footage together for impactful videos. Easily add
text, graphics, logos, soundtrack, voiceover, subtitles etc.

*Direct Publishing to Social Media – get your videos straight out onto your main channels to
share with your audience.

*Digital Asset Library – so you can save and re-use your best footage in different videos, with
different messaging for different audiences – fans, sponsors, media etc.

*Online dashboard – keep all your content in one place, easy to find, edit and share. No cost
for additional users, so get your whole team involved.

*Professional Training – We give your whole team online training so you know exactly how to
create the most engaging video content.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you boost your profile and skyrocket engagement.
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